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Bush Cleans Glasses

bush cleans glasses

  • spectacles: optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

  • A pair of lenses set in a frame resting on the nose and ears, used to correct or assist defective eyesight or protect the eyes

  • A pair of binoculars

  • furnish with glass; "glass the windows"

  • (glass) a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

  • A woman's pubic hair

  • shrub: a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems

  • bush-league: not of the highest quality or sophistication

  • A shrub or clump of shrubs with stems of moderate length

  • provide with a bushing

  • A thing resembling such a shrub, esp. a clump of thick hair or fur

bush cleans glasses - Munchkin Deluxe

Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush, Colors May Vary

Avoid countertop germs with the upright Deluxe Bottle Brush. This Brush Set allows for one-handed bottle washing, so you can scrub it while holding a baby in your arms. Brush also dries quickly, so you don't waste time between washings.
This essential set includes bottle brush with nipple cleaner (stored in handle of bottle brush) and suction-cup holder. Brush is made with nylon bristles and is dishwasher safe. The manufacturer recommends replacing your bottle brush every 30 to 45 days to reduce germ buildup. Colors may vary from image shown.

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Today I got home and KICKED ASS on my to-do list. I could check off two more things--I watched Grey's, and I did my Flickr pics. :) I didn't feel like washing the dishes and I'm going to make someone else move the salt and the boxes off of the back porch. :)

True story, crossposted from my blog:
So, I busted my ass cleaning the house when I got home today. As my reward/wind down, I ate some yummy dip and popped in Grey's. Inevitably, I got thirsty, so I grabbed $5 and headed next door to the gas station. I'm wearing pink nylon running shorts, a wifebeater, and a pink tank top over that. My hair is in a bandana. I LOOK LIKE SHIT.

I notice someone slowing down on my main street, and I think "Oh crap. They're looking at me." And of course, they pull into the gas station. I didn't bother to hold the door for him. I made my way to the cooler and got a Wild Cherry Pepsi. I tried to loiter to avoid running into the guy, but he was loitering, too, so I just went up to the counter. The guys at the gas station know me, so I wasn't too concerned.

WELL, this is what went down:

Guy: Hey sexy. *slow look up and down*
Me: Hey... *giving him a "what the fuck" look*
Guy: *Unintelligible sentence* (he was a garbler)
Me: What?
Guy: *Unintelligible sentence again*
Guy: Where your man at? *Looks me up and down again*
Me: MY man?
Guy: Yeah.
Me: He's at HOME, waiting for ME. *looks around for Snickers*
Guy: Oh yeah? Well, I'M right here.
Me: Ooookay...
Guy: Are you gonna give me your number?
Me: Um. No. I'm MARRIED.
Guy: Does it look like I care? *totally belligerent attitude*
Me: Obviously NOT.
Guy: Call me then, girl. Ryan. From the Chi. 902-2207. Call me, girl.

And then he freaking walks out! I turn to Seadoo, the attendant, and I was like "Did you HEAR that!?" and he said "NO! I can't hear through this glass! What happened!?" and so I recap for him and he's like "People are STUPID! That's ridiculous!! Why does this always happen to you in here!?" I said "I don't know!" and then he said "It's because you're pretty." But seriously... how... freaking... ridiculous! I guess if you could hear me tell it, it's better told.

As I walked away from the gas station, he was whistling/yelling at me and telling me his number again. I had to RUN to my property, hide behind my row of bushes, run with my back to them and then dash to my back door so he couldn't see where I lived.

Even Frogs Need A New Look Now and Then!

Even Frogs Need A New Look Now and Then!

We are back to having the contractor at the house, plus painting, and planting, and all that jazz.

It is taking me forever to do all the beds this year. While cleaning one of the beds and planting one new plant or bush or flower at a time, I noticed our little frog’s house looked so drab.

You see, we have a little frog that lives in our backyard. This is his house. You can find him at home at night and when it is very hot in the summer. It has always been the color of the clay pot.

But, one day, I thought, he is such a good little frog; his house should have some pizzazz to it. So, while outside and feeling the spirit of Picasso move me, I decided to paint it. I added the sea glass and flat marbles on top to let the sunlight dance on them.

He likes mint and lavender so I planted some to the right of his house. You can see just a bit of the new lavender.

The shot is so-so, but it shows off his newly painted and decorated lil abode.

Nice curb appeal to it should he decide to move.

For my Flickr groups…

bush cleans glasses

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