Clean Jet Tub

clean jet tub

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clean jet tub - Leisure Time

Leisure Time Jet Clean 16 oz

Leisure Time Jet Clean 16 oz

Jet Clean Often, if a spa or jetted tub has problems, the cause is out of sight. Jet Clean prevents such problems by keeping spa and jetted tub plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt and minerals. By using Jet Clean as part of the Simple Spa Care® Program, spa owners can prevent buildup that could restrict water flow and damage equipment. Features: Clears inside plumbing Use before draining water Low foaming Tips: Jet Clean should be applied each time a spa is drained and refilled so jets continue performing like new. Compatible With: Chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizing systems.

79% (19)

pm shine

pm shine

pm shine. i did a pm shine... dang like when school started so cover up my blond and pink/purple i used to have. cuz my school is lameee. so as time went by the color faded. sooooo i colored it friday night.. my tia got mad cuz it stained the bath tub. i told her it fades as time goes by. but she still tripped about it. and cleaned it asap.

Gigantor bath tub, which required an obscene amount of scrubbing

Gigantor bath tub, which required an obscene amount of scrubbing

It has these jets that needed some serious cleaning. I should have taken photos of how filthy it was. I finally finished sewing up the curtains, which is much better than having the blinds down all the time.

Now that the tub is all clean, it's wonderful! I love taking baths in it.

clean jet tub

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