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How Do I Clean Up My Pc

how do i clean up my pc

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The Mess (My Darkroom)

The Mess (My Darkroom)

I actually cleaned it up two weeks ago. :-(

A new computer arrived and things have gone to hell in a hand basket. See notes.

The old Sony VAIO, bought in2003 had problems right away. Every year the power supply would fail. Sony uses a non industry standard case and a non standard power supply which costs 3 times what a standard power supply would cost, no difference, just a difference size. Not only that although you could buy the computer here in Mexico, you couldn't buy the parts. So I had to wait and buy one in the US and bring it down. After the second failure I got a local guy to put the Sony parts in a standard case with a standard power supply. It cost less than buying the Sony power supply. Another year later, the mother board developed a crack and I had that replaced. At this point the only thing Sony about it is the CD drive and the keyboard and monitor. It is also so slow that it has become impossible to use. It's only here to provide file backup for the migration process.

I have been working with Aperture which I got pre-installed on the MAC book. So far I've been struggling with my learning curve. Being a computer geek, I can't just use it not knowing how it works underneath in the file system and it does some really funny things. Or at least they seem funny until I can figure out what it's doing. I don't want it to manage my photos because there are too many to fit on an internal drive. This is also complicated by the fact that my photo drive is in NTFS format (PC) and I have to convert it to MAC. So I've had to find another disk to store the files (I have a back-up, but I don't trust having just one copy of the files) so I can blow away the drive to re-format it. I'm almost ready to do that today. All this so I can print some pictures!

Day 239/365: Monday bloody Monday

Day 239/365: Monday bloody Monday

What a pile of crap day. How sodding cold did it get all of a sudden!?!
OMG I've been freezing all day!
Had to have a shower to warm myself up while the kids were at school.
Did my hair all pretty and shit then got fecking rained on on the way home...Awesome.
(Had another shower to warm up again after that, freezing cold rain is NOT fun)

The kids have driven me mad for pretty much the whole time they have been about.
Some how they managed to puncture a can of minging old man beer shite (John Smiths, yeah I know it's bitter but yeah) and it sprayed all over my freshly washed floors. Now my house smells like a brewery.
Add a jar of olives falling out of the fridge and smashing all over the floor, and it's been pretty much one of those days....why do I bother...?

But it's ended all right. The kids have driven me to drink! ha ha a bottle of wine later and I feel FINE! :D In fact I'm quite perk this evening.
It may have effected my editing slightly
Got a bit happy with the layers on this one.

Let see if anyone can work out just how many layers I've used to create this, umm rather miserable looking picture.

There is a prize in it for whoever get's it right! (ha ha I am pretty drunk...) I don't know what yet but I'm sure I'll think of something good ;D

Oh and just so I can end on a good note. One good thing did come of today....I am REALLY clean! :D

how do i clean up my pc

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